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Miss Honey 
Artistic Cake Design

Cakes that are a marriage
of creativity, innovation,
beauty and taste. 



Why not have an incredible

piece of art that symbolises

your love story and personalities,

that also tastes decadent and

Indulgent on your wedding day?

wedding cake, rice paper, elegant cake, tiers, fondant cake, sugar crystals, tall cake,


Embrace the opportunity to showcase your personalities and shared passions through a cake design that reflects you both. Let your imaginations run wild as you envisage a cake with vibrant colours, unique design elements, and gorgeous flavours that will ignite conversations and serve as a talking point among your guests for a long time to come. 



Maybe you bonded over too much limoncello on a holiday to Italy, or one of you is a master at making apple crumble while the other enjoys their efforts. By taking advantage of my bespoke recipe service you'll get an even more unique and personalised creation for your big day, inspired by your happy memories.

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