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Nikki Frances, Business owner and cake designer.

From Wig maker, Mural painter and Wax Figure artist to Cake Designer

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Miss Honey Cakes comes primarily from my passion and love for cake. In all its forms it has in my opinion an extraordinary power to bring people together. I gain such joy from sharing cake with those I love and so needed to take my hobby and unwavering passion to the next level and start a business!

Coming from a background in Model Design, mural painting and as a production artist for Madame Tussauds, I implement skills learned in each of these industries to make truly unique sculptural type cakes. Techniques such as moulding and casting, painting and armature making are all transferable to this work!

I work from my kitchen in Sowerby Bridge in West Yorkshire. This area is full of fascinating industrial history, stunning scenery and is just brimming full of artists and creative types. Here I live with my partner and 2 year old daughter. 


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