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Wedding Cake

Included in the cost of your final cake quote will be delivery and set up at your venue. I can offer cakes to people with various dietry requirements, you just need to ask!

Engraving Service

I offer an engraving service for other wedding related items that you may need including:

Wedding Invites

Acrylic engraved cake toppers

Bridesmaids gifts

Cake stand hire

If youre going to have a show stopping cake you need a beautiful cake stand to elevate it to its full potential. I have a number of cake stands available to hire for a small charge.

I offer a range of personalised sugar biscuits, 'cakesicles' and geode hearts to present as wedding favours for your guests. From watercolour and metallic effects to going so far as putting your names on every biscuit, its all possible. 


Are wedding cakes expensive? Yes and No. So it will be the most expensive cake you have ever bought. But you're not likely to ever be buying cake for literally all your friends and family at once ever again. And if thats the case you may aswell go for it and have something amazing! Why is wedding cake expensive? (relating to the above answer!) Taking the example of a 3 tier cake that feeds upwards of 100 people, a full day of baking and preparation of buttercream is neccessary, especially if all 3 cakes are to be different flavours. Next is a day of layering white chocolate ganache on ready for the sugarpaste which will be done the next day. Often its possible to begin some design elements during these days too, and carry these on into the 4th and possibly 5th day of making. It can be gruelling work standing for hours in a kitchen followed by at a desk making a cake a piece of art. Adding all ingredients and overheads to run a self employed business, you really are hiring an expert to create something incredibly time consuming with skills gained from years of experience. Which wedding cakes are most expensive? Anything with a high level of detail such as sugar flowers or hand painted elements mean labour time is longer and therefore a cake designer must be paid for their time. And of course 5 tiers verses 2 will cost a lot more in not just labour but ingredients too. Why is wedding cake traditional? The very first wedding cakes were created to symbolise luck and fertility, By victorian times icing was added to represent purity and to show prosperity people began stacking cakes on top of each other. Today the tradition of wedding cake endures as it acts as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Can wedding cake be made the day before? For the most simple 'naked cakes' which are totally undecorated, stacked and perhaps with some real flowers on top, yes it would be possible to make these the day before. However work still needs to be put in to plan the flowers and make sure the florist has them. A large amount of swiss meringue buttercream takes time to make and theres all the buying of ingredients. What type of cake is best for a wedding? A sturdy-ish cake is neccessary to be able to precisely cut slices at the venue without it all falling apart. Fluffy and light won't work! What type of wedding cake flavour? The majority of cake makers offer various flavours, not just traditional fruit cake or even just Victoria sponge. What is the most popular wedding cake? Vanilla and then chocolate are still the most popular flavours of cake! And in terms of design, this changes with trends just as wedding dresses and colour themes do, year on year. Currently brides and grooms are enjoying metallics and geometric shapes on cakes, super rustic buttercreeam/semi naked cakes with summery feels. There is also a demand for textured cakes and extra tall, 5 tier and upwards cakes! When to order a wedding cake? Its best to order your cake as early as possible. Diaries for all those involved in the wedding industry will begin to fill up, especially for the summer, so ordering and paying your deposit once you have booked your venue would be best. Are wedding cake tastings free Wedding cake makers often require a fee to try their cake, either sent by post or tried in person. These tasters mean baking and having a lot of different cakes available and ready, so take a lot of preparation to have in. How much wedding cake do i need? See my portion guides to make some sense of this! Are wedding cakes fake? Sometimes couples want a big show stopping cake of 5 tiers, but not to have piles of uneaten cake leftover. Therefore dummy tiers can be used. These cost the same because they require the same amount of work to decorate. Can wedding cake be left out? Like any baked goods wedding cake needs to be kept in an air tight container or wrapped in cling film. The top tier is often frozen and the rest will keep for another few days if stored well. When the frozen tier is taken out of the freezer on your anniversary, leave it to thaw in the fridge for 24 hours, take it out for 1 hour and then enjoy it. How wedding cake stands? Wedding cakes can be put directly on a table, or a wood slice or nice lace tablecloth. However they are lovely when elevated on a stand to show them off to their full potential! These can be hired or the venue may have one. Can wedding cake be frozen Yes! It needs to be wrapped very well in a few layers of cling film. Freezer burn is when cake is not wrapped well. You can eat it at your anniversary but not any longer. Can wedding cakes be shipped? I don't ship my cakes. When is wedding cake cut? Cakes are usually cut after speeches and dinner. How much wedding cake for 100 guests? See my guides for this! Who makes wedding cakes near me?

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